27 May - 1 June 2018


Quality is essential in education. A lot of Ministries of Education, education authorities  and schools or organisations invest heavily in the continuous development of their quality.

In this course we look at 3 different aspects of quality:
-      Structure of a quality plan and short introduction to EFQM;
-      the human factor;
-      the role of the school team.

The course tries to reveal the importance of involving the school staff and school team in the implementation of the schools’ educational quality. This approach is quite unique as those 3 aspects are intertwined and interdependent. Without the full participation of all members
of the school team, no educational quality can be achieved.
This international course aims at answering the questions of how to start and develop a quality management plan.
It also offers guidance on how to implement the needed quality awareness. At the same time it focuses on internal strategies to make the quality management plan operational.
The course wants to contribute to the empowerment of schools, training centres and adult education institutions as learning organisations.
The course provides knowledge, methodology, insights and skills needed to achieve this goal. 
During the course the trainees will be introduced to methods which enable them to edit their own quality system.